opposites but in fact there is a deep symbiotic relationspro diet  hip between the two. In the UK pro diet of us are to do something about it. Many of those classed as "overweight" are on a nearperpetual diet and the same even goes for half of the British population many of whom don't even need to lose an ounce. When obesity as a global health issue first came on the radar the food industry sat up and took notice. But not exactly in the way you might imagine. Some of the world's food giants opted to do something both extraordinary and stunningly obvious they decided to make money from obesity by buying into the diet industry. Weight Watchers created by New York housewife Jean Nidetch in the early pro diets was bought by Heinz in  who in turn sold the company in  to investment firm Artal for m. The next in line was Slimfast a liquid meal replacement invented by chemist