It could be construed that was Zhiba aim, kind of pay back, lol, for him it could be money, ego, vengeance, plus a sick morbid desire to hide behind a username to vent his own frustrations and play mind games.

WHich ever way that places is going to slide down hill into a parody of stormfront and into a " Place where people can come to express idea's freely".....NOT. There are a lot of shills there wanting there message to get out to a wider audience, one post in the PF thread said that, you can bet their are other's with an expressed purpose and funny enough they all lean to the right wing side of politics. There will be the center right inhabiting the dif, who will pick up the meme's of the Neo nazi, WS and your general run of the mill bigot, who will parrot the 'Member of the Month, Member of the week....That seems to have flopped.... Pyscho drama of Alt Right media and that's all that place will become, there are a few good egg's our VE and other's who are pigeoned hole for not towing the DI party line.

Eventually, in a few years it will just be a message board with F All replies.