The smug, rude, aggressive, arrogant, status-obsessed vermin has been binned from his moderator position, and his extremely short-lived position as Magazine Editor. LOL! We'll never get to know the slimy details, but, we do know that the Mighty Zhiba plague is still holding fort, along with his fellow vermin Getagrip and Tealady(the name Teabagger is so much better).

They're still far too scared to open up their forum. They've had to hide all the nazi vileness, the open racism on there. All the while, still pretending that they're not a platform for hate speech and absolutely repugnant views.

Good luck Zhiba, Getagrip (should be called Gotagollum) and Teabagger. You're all going to need it, in the absence of decency and virtue.