This is an exceptional read. I really WISH I had read this many many years ago, when I first began to take an interest in his stuff. Read the entire articleS. It's two parts, quite long, but really fascinating. The David Icke money machine, the repeated efforts of those who tried to stop him....too bad they didn't succeed. Ricard Warman is mentioned in this article too, yes, the guy who DI ended up paying an undisclosed sum to. We only came to learn about that when Sean Adl Tabatabai spilled the beans. Just like Davey has made sure that the damning Express article is no longer easily searchable on google, and just like he hid the fact that he lost to Richard Warman, what else does he keep secret about his business empire, his profiting from division, his putrid forum and fan base that is certainly nazi in part etc?

Beset by lizards
David Icke, one-time goalkeeper, TV presenter and self-proclaimed Son of God, has re-invented himself as a travelling guru. Would Canada take seriously his warnings of power-hungry extraterrestrial reptiles or would he be dismissed as an anti-Semitic bigot?

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part 2: … s.weekend1