Seems they deleted this thread from General Chat, or, maybe they shipped it off to the RR. Yes, when someone expresses their feelings, deny them the right, by deleting their words, or hide their words. It's what pleases the members most...not. The mighty Zhiba (zero) strikes again. Aronia, a horrible islamophobic troll, like almost all the active members on there now, seeing as it's now a nazi stronghold...tried to give her really honest opinion of the forum. :D :D Aronia used to post the most awful threads, but the DIF used to have a huge range of views. In the end it would all balance out. But thanks to The Mighty Zhiba and Co., the active membership has been mostly banned, or scared off, so they're left with the worst dregs.  Now there's just one view: the alt-right/nazi view. So what's there to discuss or disagree about if everyone's in agreement? Nothing. Now that they hated 'SJWs (etc.)' have been banned, or don't post anymore, the nazis are left without anyone to interact with. Funny that. :D :D

Why did you get so huffy about it Zhiba? I thought that the forum had such a great feel and mood after you booted the SJWs (etc) out? I thought that all that freedom you gave the forum (not) was going to attract billions of members? Even the recent article exposing DI for alleged anti-semitism, hasn't been able to prompt members to join AND POST. Making forums private really helped didn't it? Hahahaha, it helped to hide the nazism, but it didn't really help with baiting suckers to come there and post, did it?