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David Icke and The People's Voice TPV - his internet TV station

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Where did the money go? What happened? Some information: … oilet.html

Yet after working up close to David for months I no longer hold him in good personal esteem. I’ve come to see him as a boorish egotist who has been unable to fathom his own lifes’ work and finances twisted and slipped from him by his own manager.

David loves to tell everyone else to stop complying then he bowed down to the ridiculous overseeing of TPV content by the UK regulators, OFCOM. Despite what others say we could have done many things differently and completely avoided this government censorship body. The truth on this planet is, no adult has  authority, really, only the authority you acceed to. … e-scandal/

For those who are not up to speed, over the course of the last year or so, David Icke raised almost two million dollars for the People’s Voice Network. (I mistakenly said it was only 1 million on our show, so forgive me for underestimating the size of the scandal). The People’s Voice operated for about a month before another emergency fund raiser was put out, threatening to shut down the network. The people responded with even more of their hard-earned money and they were relieved of not only their money, but also their voice.

I knew this was a scam right off the bat, but I bit my tongue, smiled, and continued to be cordial to the people promoting it. How did I know it was a scam? Because I’ve built a network myself. While this network isn’t as elaborate as the People’s Voice wanted you to believe it was (even though it turned out to be nothing more than uploaded videos to Youtube or live streamed on their Youtube channel), I know what a thousand dollars buys, what ten thousand dollars buys and what two million dollars buys. I can tell you first-hand that if Truth Frequency Radio raised two million dollars, we would operate (at least in our current capacity), indefinitely, and that would even leave enough left over to pay the hosts a little something every month. No memberships, no donations, free archives in high quality, etc. etc. However, Truth Frequency Radio has become the biggest independent radio station in the world with a lot of listener support, but very little in the scope of two million dollars. We ask that people donate a small $4 -$6 per month to help cover our costs.  That is all. That, along with faith in the universe, karma and destiny, has made Truth Frequency Radio what it is today. So there is absolutely no reason why a network with two million dollars on hand could go under in less than a month. This isn’t money from derived from investors who are taking a gamble! This is money taken from people who think they’re funding a service to humanity! … ce-part-1/

The People’s Voice, part 1
December 17, 2014adamkadmon

The launch of The People’s Voice – and its spectacular decline – was one of the biggest stories of 2014 for those interested in the conspiracy / spirituality milieu. It was to be an independent “alternative” TV channel, initially broadcast through the Internet, entirely funded by public donations and advertising. It was also to a considerable degree a David Icke production. He fronted the initial campaign, and was heavily featured in the programming;’s webmaster, Sean Adl-Tabani, was the project’s manager, and a number of Icke’s collaborators and family had prominent roles.

I followed the project from its inception, watched much of the programming, and observed the decline and eventual implosion. I also took notes now and again, especially when I thought there was a risk of certain things being retracted or redacted down the line. So as a matter of historical record, I offer this account. I offer no speculations on the motives or morality of the people involved, although you can easily find such speculation online, if you want to (for example, here and here).

The project was launched with a fundraising campaign on Indigogo on May 31st, 2013. It ended July 10th 2013, and raised £300,692,..... … ton-quits/

The People’s Voice: Allegations of Racism and Financial Misdealings as Sonia Poulton Quits
Scriptonite / January 7, 2014 … 62731.html

David Icke launches internet TV station The People’s Voice

Conspiracy theorist says new station will 'give people who are currently voiceless in the mainstream media their say'



A former DIF member. :D :D

Click on the link to see the pics he's uploaded. There's a pic of G the tool there too. … nt-page-1/

David Icke & ‘The People’s Voice’
January 16, 2014SilvaRizla

Until recently, I’d been a follower and supporter of David Icke for a few years now. That is until issues regarding a lack of transparency were raised by Sonia Poulton in relation to not-really-David’s new TV station The People’s Voice, which, on paper, is run by David’s webmaster, namely Sean Adl-Tabatabai.  As an initial supporter of the project, I was quick to allay fears of a lack of transparency from the donation funded project, but as stories of allegations of racism started to emerge along with a complete lack of professionalism and zero communication from the station to its supporters and funders I began to have doubts.

It then became apparent that the ‘not-content-with-£100k-so-we’ve-asked-for-£300k’ station were asking for another £400,000 after being on air for less than a month. Alarm bells began to ring.  Initial projections were that £100,000.00 was enough to set up a 24 hour internet TV and radio station, and the extra money raised would provide enhancements to the project and get it over the initial broadcasting period before advertising revenue kicked in.  A 7-fold increase in what is actually needed is a mighty big error, don’t you think?  That doesn’t account for any monthly or one off donations raised via an interim fundraiser either.

There have been numerous other blunders as well, not being informed enough to know you need an Ofcom license for the station to air being one of them.  Sort of throws a spanner in the works.  Not knowing how much broadcasting equipment actually costs would be another.  Now, I think its fair to say that before you take over a quarter of a million pounds of donated money to launch a TV station, you at least know how much it costs to run such a station and have a fairly solid business plan in place.

The more I heard (or didn’t as the case may be) from TPV, the less I liked it and the more I became aware that those in charge had absolutely no idea what they were doing.  Enter Sonia Poulton, with the following Facebook update:

    Today I have left The People’s Voice. I didn’t want to. I have put my heart and soul into it but I have become aware that to stay there is very bad for the things I stand for and fight for. I will be issuing a statement soon. Thank you for all the wonderful support. New plans already underway.

Suceeded by the following statement from TPV, later confirmed to be from the man himself (who is apparently just a volunteer and has no say in TPV’s direction) David Icke.

    Sonia Poulton has decided to leave The People’s Voice today after threatening to walk out in the middle of a live show if she didn’t get her way. This was the third time that she had threatened to walk out if her view did not prevail and she chose to leave after a discussion about her behaviour during the live show and other matters.

    We thank Sonia for her efforts over the last few weeks since The People’s Voice has been on air.

    If TPV is going to succeed everyone must work together for the common good and treat each other with equal respect.

Not particularly professional if you ask me.  It seems I’m not the only one either, as TPV presenter Barrie Sharpe aired his concerns over the statement, which has led to his show being cancelled.  So much for free speech eh David? (Who’s just a volunteer and has no say over TPV’s direction)

This debacle saw my donation to TPV cancelled, and a colossal ban hammer smiting of supporters on DIF who were now asking questions.  ‘The People’s Voice Indeed.  One quote in particular seemed to cause quite a stir:

Rightfully so too.  Definitely not the sort of voice I want speaking for me.

Sonia Poulton responded to David Icke by issuing her own statement, here.  What was Icke’s response to these allegations?  A completely transparent breakdown of all income and expenditure, or so Icke & Co would have you believe.  What we actually got was this:

    Department Bank Float
    I.T./Editing equipment £5,012.41 £781.47
    Website (Servers, bandwidth, set-up) £15,150.00 –
    Repairs/Maintenance £226.61 –
    Travel – Volunteer £2,069.25 £1,384.79
    Travel – Other (Guests and Staff) £2,255.03 £142.11
    Accommodation Hotels & Hostels £2,440.14 –
    Food & Catering £589.09 £211.54
    Studio Maintenance £1,055.93 –
    Office Rent £1,200.00 –
    Music Licences £1,456.80 –
    Merchandise £700.00 –
    General Office Overheads £2,590.34 £228.91
    Utilities (Water, gas, electric) £1,407.97
    Direct Wages £75,530.54
    Video Streaming £18,109.63
    Accounting/Book-keeping £1,957.50
    Set-Up Costs (Studio equipment) £142,302.64 £365.98
    Total £274,053.88 £3,114.80

Everything is so much clearer now.  A TV station run by volunteers with only one paid presenter who has monthly wages of over £75,000.00.  Where’s the rest of your income? David stated he put his own money in to this, I know I did and that’s not listed either.  What about your sponsors and advertisers?  You know, these ones, who paid £1000 each after the first campaign?


They seem like a perfectly transparent, donation funded,  somehow not for profit, yet in actual fact private ltd company to me.

Then there’s the whole Fear & Clothing issue.

Now, as near as I can gather, an arrangement was made between Fear & Clothing and The People’s Voice for Fear & Clothing to provide promotional wear on behalf of TPV.  New designs were made by this company and shown to TPV, who then informed their donators that the merchandise would be produced by Fear & Clothing.

Then, TPV dropped Fear & Clothing and decided to print their own goods. This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem had TPV informed buyers that the merchandise will no longer be made by Fear & Clothing.  But that didn’t happen.  Still, not such a big deal.  Well, until this came to light that is:

Fear & Clothing shirt

TPV shirt

Fear & Clothing


Fear & Clothing


I don’t know about you, but that seems an awful lot like copyright infringement to me. Fear & Clothing claims to of raised around £20,000.00 on behalf of TPV by promoting his wares.  What a way to repay him eh?

Voice of the people indeed.  Not the sort of people I want speaking for me, that’s for sure.
That said, what of the programming?

Not the best to be honest.  Though, you can discount Ken O’Keefe from that statement as he is excellent, and unpaid I might add.  Constant downtime from either power cuts or broadcast issues always put down to the station being under attack from some evil force or other.  Cringe-worthy “psychics”, and David Ick flicking through the morning papers. Then you have Richie Allen, with whom Edwina Currie completely wiped the floor here.  Richie Allen also makes statements like this re the Jimmy Saville investigation:

    The idea that former (and current) BBC, ITV and MTV staff would be party to any impropriety is frankly ludicrous.

Call me a cynic, but I would have thought the probability of somebody figuring out what was going on to be highly likely.

Apologies, as I can’t find the exact quote, but he also said that he agrees with education ministers that parents should not be allowed to take their children out of school during term time.  Now that doesn’t sound like the voice of any people I’ve been speaking to on the matter.

Careful folks.  Here be dragons



Silvarizla went to great lengths to get a response from the nutty Sean. He did have a "love letter from Sean" on his blog site, but it's been taken down.

You can see a copy of the letter which he sent to Sean here, on the Infinite Love offshoot forum. … oice/page2 … tabatabai/



Silvarizla wrote a letter to Sean Adl. Apparently this was the reply he got. Seems that Sean just fancied a giant pisstake, and really had ZERO conscience or care for the vanishing funds, or, didn't appreciate a 'nobody' (as he must think) contacting him. Sean's a turd from the BBC, a shit forum admin too...yes he's the one reading the mods' PMs. As Zhiba said "it was just one PM"....when I challenged him about it. Zhiba was supposed to take the moral high ground, but he changed his mind, and instead buddied up to slimy Sean, then got into a convenient relationship with gutters, and now has what he always dreamed of: total control of the DIF....and the freedom to lie and spy for all he's worth. … &t=142

Sean “Guardian of the ethos” Adl-Tabatabai Responds to the Donators

September 10, 2014SilvaRizla

Yes folks, the below is 100% real. I have forwarded the original on to Sonia Poulton who wanted to verify its validity, I’m sure she will be able to do so over the coming days if she hasn’t already.

Make of it what you will, I know what I think.

Ok, let me answer these first questions one by one:

Why was the company set up as Ltd? In April 2013 the ADL commissioned me to set-up a non-independent, biased, wholly profit making entity answerable only to its lizard overlord masters. Obviously the only way to do this was to set-up a profit-making machine – a Limited company if you will – and convince David that nothing else would work. During one of my many visits to David between April and June 2013 where I filmed the original Indiegogo video on my Iphone 5 I implanted a microchip into David’s arm. This microchip ensured the breakdown of David’s senses, his logic, and his emotions merely months after launching the station. It also enabled me to subliminally send him electronic messages to “set-up a private limited company and to make ME (sean) a joint shareholder” and for him to “quit as Director before we even began broadcasting”…. Well, I don’t need to tell you that that worked and all the other options (charities, companies limited by guarantee, non profits, etc.) went out the window. Phew!

What happened to the US branch? In August 2013 myself and other members of the team famously visited the United States in order to give the ADL and CIA a briefing on our mission so far. During this visit I was met by my handler (now my husband) and it was decided that later in the year my handler would visit the UK in order to up the ante to ensure the downfall of the company. While we were there an officer from the MK Ultra division in the CIA introduced us to a guy called Matthew Smith. Matthew was and still is a high ranking Hollywood gay elite Illuminati member. He suggested that we spend £200,000 on unnecessary trips to and from the U.S. in order to ensure the company’s financial failure. At this stage the microchip implanted in David’s arm wasn’t yet doing the job 100% of destroying him. He’s a tough nut. David still had some of his wits about him. Therefore we had to use the premise that we’d have a “USA arm” in order to convince him to agree to this obviously ludicrous plan (which he later realized was ludicrous and he subsequently threw a big tantrum in the office and told them all to leave)As I understand the groundwork was done, but we didn’t receive it. Why? Psi-ops (see above)

There are also great concerns over the validity of the accounts posted by TPV on its own website. For a start, it is quite clear that the two accounts posted did not tally up and you’ve removed them from TPV’s website. You have since fired the bookkeeper. How do you respond?

We originally published accounts on the TPV website as Sonia was demanding that we do so. For your information (and not many people realise this) Sonia is MI5 and she actually works directly for me as part of my team. So the “demanding to see the accounts” was a clever ploy by me (I’m actually really very clever) to publish inaccurate accounts on the website. The ploy was so clever many people are still wondering what the purpose of it was! I often lay in bed at night wondering the very same thing! Now THAT’S genius.

Many donators were promised clothing that was manufactured by Fear & Clothing, a company active in the truth scene, and viewed by many as ethical with an ethos mirroring that of TPV. The clothing was not produced by Fear & Clothing and no mention of this (as far as I can tell) was made to those expecting to receive F&C goods for their donations. What they got instead, were wares produced by Gildan Activewear. Gildan Activeware are a company with a proven history and are not one that many of your donators (myself included) would wish to be associated with. Instead of receiving F&C’s ethically produced designs, Gildan Activeware simply recreated his work and donators received that instead. Why?

I cannot comment on this as this was organised by another member of the team. What I can say is that you should study the logo really closely.

There were many initial teething problems, ranging from advertising, to fund raising, to technical glitches, to security. In each case, professional volunteers had offered their services by way of support to TPV and you ignored the vast majority of these offers. You also ignored many donators who had feedback, suggestions, and questions. You ignored the very people, The People’s Voice was supposedly intended to represent. Not terribly in line with the stations ethos I would say.

If it was in line with the ethos then I wouldn’t have been able to steer it in the direction I did. Technical glitches occurred because, at 3am in the morning, I would go into the gallery (or “control room” for our American readers) and pull a bunch of wires out and throw hot tea at things whilst dancing naked under the moonlight shining into the room through the window.

The host of WTF was Jana Dowling. Jana went on to write for the Daily Mail of all papers. It is well known in the truth circles that the views of the Daily Mail are not compatible with most people in the truth scene. This casts further doubt on whether TPV truly is a voice for the alternative. I also seem to recall that you, the director of an alternative TV station gave an interview on the BBC regarding your marriage to Mr Treadway, how terribly mainstream of you. You also gave Mr Treadway a voice on the station, and it is quite clear, he has neither the same values nor understanding as your now incredibly small audience.

You are 100% correct. The mainstream is my home. My husband is my handler. The daily mail is my bible.

As you are aware, David Icke has stated that he was told that TPV no longer requires his input and he should stop interfering. He feels that the station has lost its way. David has told me publicly that TPV was left in your name as a custodian. How do you respond to this?

I respond by saying that he got out of TPV at a very fortunate time! Good on him!

It has also become apparent that TPV has entered in to a voluntary arrangement, which means the company is in debt. Please do explain… How it is that £500,000.00 can be squandered so quickly as to leave the company in debt? How much debt, and to whom? Who are the creditors?

You can write to Sonia Poulton. I believe she knows the ins and outs of TPV’s finances.

You also seem to have set up TPV Inc in the US. How is it possible that a company director who was never paid and whose company is so hard up to require a CVA, can start a TV station from scratch in the US?

It’s simple. You simply get a big team of volunteers together and create a giant schedule full of ambitious ideas. You set yourself a really unrealistic deadline to launch and then you shout loudly at people or fire them when it doesn’t work out.

How did you propose to run a fully functioning television station without significant advertising revenue?

Well, advertisers would approach us via the fantastic advertising team David had assembled and I would ask the fantastically talented advertising team members things such as “have they got a moon in Uranus?” and “have they done a non compliance dance?” which would be met by blank stares and confusion (David loves a good moon in Uranus).

Why were you so unsuccessful in attracting this revenue? Why is it that the blogger Earthlinggb states that (a) not enough attention went into ‘sales’, and (b) good ideas proposed by him were completely dismissed? One could understand this if TPV had managed to generate significant income from advertising, or develop stable revenue streams, but in fact the overwhelming majority of money contributed to the stations, according to your own figures, came from private contributions.

I was all for the idea of having British Airways sponsor us as Earthlinggb suggested during one of the advertising teams more genius moments. The idea never took off though.

This demonstrates that there was huge support for TPV from day one, or at least the concept behind it, yet little or nothing was done to either galvanise this support, or make use of the energy, skills and knowledge of the people that offered energy and support, both physical and financial. It has even been quite strongly implied that TPV failed due to a lack of public support! You do, presumably, realise that this is both ridiculous and deeply hypocritical? How did you expect to survive on donations alone? Why wasn’t more effort put into attracting advertising? Why did you fail to attract any (or if you insist on being pedantic, nowhere near enough to stay afloat)?

Please don’t respond by stating that you had no idea of this commercial imperative. It should be obvious to anyone even proposing to set up a television station, let alone actually have the audacity to ask the public to fund it, that such a venture cannot survive on donations alone, or even primarily. It must attract financial support. How long did you think people were going to go on working as volunteers for you?

FEAR kept those volunteers with us for as long as possible. Saying things to them like “you DO want your grandkids to live in a nice world full of love and smiles and pink rainbows don’t you? THEN GET TO WORK ASSHOLE” really did work and that was our human resources policy when it came to the majority of the staff. I took my skills as webmaster and applied them here.

The BBC pays dozens of producers a six-figure salary. While no-one would expect a small-scale operation to pay money such as this, the chances of holding on to anyone talented if you can’t actually pay them anything is pretty remote. In order to pay them, you need to generate revenue, and you cannot generate this from contributions from people of modest means. I would have thought this was quite obvious.

I was the only person there on a 6-figure salary.

If you didn’t foresee this scenario, let me just point out that it was foreseen by people with little or no direct media experience, and absolutely no experience whatsoever of running a TV channel. You can read this being predicted here: ... tml#130415 ... tml#130605

Those prediction are eerily accurate. I would welcome any of those people who made those predictions to work with me in the U.S.

How was it that people with little experience of the media were able to predict this, but people who felt confident enough to set up a television channel were unable to predict it?

People who work in the media are cocaine addicts. This clouds their judgement massively.

Given that TPV has been almost entirely funded by contributions, do you think the people who contributed £500,000 would be happy with its output today; ie. nothing other than repeats and no website updates since 12th June, 2014? For your information, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be!

I’ll try and make amends.

Standing by the supposed ethos of the station, at minimum you owe the people that you claim to represent an explanation to all of the points raised here. We donated somewhere in the region of half a million pounds for transparency and we’ve received the opposite. We feel cheated by you Mr Adl-Tabatabai, and we hold you accountable. Do the decent thing and explain yourself.

I hope I have with the above. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to post them online whereby my team of media luvvies will read them and gossip about them over extravagant lunches!



Sean Adl Tabatabai's so called news website:

Man behind one of the biggest sites accused of 'fake news' is former BBC worker
By Tony Connelly-29 January 2017 10:37am

The man responsible for one of the biggest fake news sites in the US is a former BBC worker whose mother is one of its main contributors, according to reports in the Times.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai is behind the platform, the source of numerous fake news stories including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK did not vote in favour of Brexit as well as reports that Hillary Clinton was connected to a paedophile ring in Washington.

The site has been blacklisted by a number of fact-checking bodies, including the European Union’s East StratCom Task Force, a Brussels unit that debunks Russian propaganda.

A former US intelligence officer and Kremlin propaganda expert, Joel Harding, claimed that the site has been “used by the Russians as a proxy site to spread disinformation".

Adl-Tabatabai, a former television producer for the BBC and MTV, argues that the site is a legitimate news organisation and rubbished any links with Russia as “completely baseless”.

He even went so far as to accuse the Times of publishing fake news about him.

    Murdoch's @thesundaytimes publish fake news about me. Cheers for traffic @JoshTBoswell.

    — Sean Adl-Tabatabai (@seanshhh) January 29, 2017

One of the main contributors to the site is his mother, Carol, a holistic medicine expert. She said that although some of her articles are “a bit weird” and “maybe a little satirical”, she is “giving people food for thought”.

Google has since banned the site from its advertising platform and comes as the Commons culture, media and sport committee prepares to launch an inquiry into fake news. … bbc-worker



If this is Sean's LinkedIn page, it says:

The People's Voice
June 2013 – July 2014 (1 year 2 months)London, United Kingdom

From raising £500,000 in one the most successful crowd-funding campaigns of its kind to launching the world's first 24/7 alternative media TV station - I was responsible for overseeing this unique project. We're currently relocating to the U.S. and relaunching in the near future.



Someone asked about the money given for TPV, on the Express article that is now not visible on a google search, and it has been deleted. Funny that. :D :D :D :D Someone's got something to hide. Who will out the self-proclaimed outer? … i-semitism


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