G'day VE. ;)

I noticed also over the last 18 month's or so, there were member's who had joined years ago, with bugger all post suddenly start posting, their style put it this way wasn't a 'progressive left', way more center right.

Your right about wavesofbull, I found a post of his where he admit's attending personality manipulation talks. That's what I call them.



    folks i honestly don't know the truth about the neanderthal stuff; that's goochs theory. What i do know is that some people seem to support collectivism whilst other support individualism

    I was involved in MBTI communities for years and had the opportunity much like Carl Jung to speak to hundreds of people during that time on a variety of topics whilst also getting to know their personality types

    So what am i getting at? There seems to be some patterns regarding personality types and what ideologies people support. I guess political analysts would call this 'demographics'. So am i asserting anything here? No...i'm just kinda feeling my way through some ideas. other factors might also decide peoples ideological stance for example religion but i guess what gooch is saying is that there might be other unconscious factors at play.

    Going back to the lunar v's solar aspect of this thing we have the solar red caps and the lunar yellow cap monks in tibet which western occultists often trace their lineages from. There was an interview on richie allens show recently with sophia smallstorm where she talked about how chemtrails are being used to block out the sun which has the result of creating a state of sepsis which is a world of mould and decay and illness because it's sunlight that combats those things. It does seem to be the case that the dark magicians behind the deep state are using chemtrails to block out the sun

    The stonehenge site has been deliberately altered from its origional design to block the usual sighting of the sun at midsummer and instead a lunar structure has been built over the top of it. The lunar serpent-worshipping druids used to carry out bloody sacrifices on sites like that and i suggest those groups are still active today. I'll try and dig out some of what David has said about the moon and sacrifice etc


It's got me stumped as to who this Wavesof is, I've even thought he might be Jaymie Icke testing the water's, weird, yes! Wavesofpropaganda doe's have the posting style of believenothing and another twat who had a whole thread of copy paste on Jews, can't remember him.

I dont like this anderson, he/she is cold, that's the feeling I got.