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Marketing manipulation by the DIF. The Alt News, the new MSM?

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When Will The Dif Fall To 20 Logged On Member's?
Give it a year?

100% - 2 It will continue on as is?

0% - 0
Give it a year?

100% - 2 It will continue on as is?

0% - 0
Give it a year?

100% - 2 It will continue on as is?

0% - 0
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This is a two part question thread.

With Garth's Ickes infinite wisdom and intellectual brilliance of a sea slug he has closed off anyone viewing of the so called free forum of David Icke. Good, imo.

What, Why! Is he embarrassed by the, hate Jew threads and the jew hating/Hitler loving people having to much clout? Will the future 'Jews' ie: the kicking boy of society, become the Muslims? Is G Icke making a preemptive strike by shutting down the coming views about Muslims, is he that smart?

Part 2.

It's be clear to me since 2010 that the TM, was siding more with the right wing view and anything that had to do with spirituality and the commies in TM was something to be shunned and insulted.

Discredit the opposition before they see it coming, seems to have been the moto, since the fall of the third Reich. We were once warned about the infiltration of the Nazi's into America the most powerful nation on earth, but the TM didn't give it energy, it was slowly dismissed by the Shill's in the TM., they are all corporate shill's. the TM wont tell the truth, they are cleaver, they let things happen. With globalization, which has been legislated in place since 1975, i believe, this was called the Lima Deceleration. Did the tm WARNS US ABOUT THIS ? WHAT HAVE THEy done since 911, focus on 911 while Globalization continued on slowly strangling the common people.

SO NOW in 2017 we have the Trumps  of this world being the saviors and redeemer's for the economically disadvantaged, that's all of us, look deeper to what they are saying and it becomes clear that this is the same narrative the FAR RIGHT of the 20's 30's was pushing. ON top of that we have the boa constrictor of multi national corporations with large 'Lobby' groups dictating the coarse of human history.

Trump is the poster boy for the Alt news, with Bannon his top security advisor, the ear of the President directing social change with your typical Marketing techniques used by AD agencies.  This American Presidency is an Alt News mouth piece for the common people the worker's in the area's affected by Globalization, it's for people who are not into conspiracies, it's for people who are easily led by a Savior to their economic problems. 

I see the Alt News becoming what was feared and despised by the TM  it's becoming the MSM giving fake News, that is twisting anything to their advantage, the Right wing advantage.






Ha! Thank you for making this thread, Thunder. :D :D

I was going to make one about it. I haven't been about due to computer troubles. But I'm back now. :D :D

I wanted to laugh my head off. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw that the entire forum was marked private, save for a few shitty forums. They're dreaming of recruiting new members by doing this. Hahahahahahaha! Like fuck they will.

I will stick up some screengrabs. :D :D The forum had 40 members logged on earlier today. Hahahaah! Also, the nazi natives are not very happy about this change, they're pissed off. The keeper of the nazi flame, waveofturd himself, has sounded the alarm. Suck it up, waveofass, these are the admins that do such a fucking ace job. Suck it up. Let's see your imaginary friends joining, along with all the other psychos on there. Even that turd Superdick isn't around. Now that tells you something.



Here's their grand discussion in the general forum. Note that they've put up a notice, but it's not visible to guests browsing. LOL, rustyspuds is demanding that they make a proper thread about it, but they won't. Oh I love dissent....the scent of success. :D :D



The absolutely secret DIF. And they don't like secrets/conspiracies, do they? Well join up then folks, and be part of the secret. :D :D

Only 34 members online now. Hahahahaha!!!



Oh it gets better and better, and better. :D :D :D

Unsheepled is not going to post there anymore, as they've drawn the curtains on his wondrous contributions. Yep, because their business is more important than the message, you giddy little boys and girls.



Paddy Blake, a moron to me, and whose compass wavers, has added his tuppence. I like it when he taunts the racists. But I always remember him happily attacking me and being the superior-acting shithead he is, when I challenged the supremacists running that shithole. That dude has a few faces. Still, he's got his anti-nazi face on in that thread.

His post should light some fires under some nazi bums.



The "private forum" thread continued from general chat:

page 3 continues:

Looks like Guttergrip is feeling the heat. Aww, poor thing. Funny how when her seedy boyfriend Zero-iba returned as a 'normal member' (as if that's possible), his gripes were taken very seriously. In fact she acted on them and worked to turf out the other mods, along with him! Funny that. Just like last year when I spelt it all out for those dullards: how come their gripes are/were paramount, but the gripes of their members are not? How come they wanted the former mods to all bend over and allow them to play their saddo games with people loose and fast, but other members don't get the same privilege and 'right'? Oh that's right, it's because those two parasites, along with the Teabagger, are egomaniacs, selfish and downright spiteful. Malicious to the core.

You should have just stepped down, Gutters. You, your boyfriend and your idiot teabagger, should have all stepped down. But instead there you all are, destroying the forum...along with your fellow alt-right fanatics.



Look at that slime waveofnazi sleazing it up, and pretending that he's Jesus Christ incarnate. Yeah right. ^^

I see that the thread started by unsheepled has been deleted, or shipped off to the rant room. LOL! Such transparency, such talent.



Waveofnazi, crapprentice and Zero-iba are oozing garbage, as usual.


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