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Do you know anyone who still believes 911 was as we were told?

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None of my family and friends think 911 is as we were told they are far from CT but   They all believe  that something was wrong  but most are not sure what.
is digital spy the last place on earth where all the 911 believers are? 

This recent thread  just made my jaw drop at how people  will not think,  they sort it into some kind of sense in their own head and make it work calling anyone who questions a idiot

I really wish I could get all my CT friends onto this forum.



Many don't think about it anymore imo. They probably never did to begin with. They just believed what they were told and tried to forget about it as quickly as possible. Others have their doubts about the official version, but it hasn't had the impact on how they view world events as it should have. People that really are interested and think beyond that are just a minority. A bigger minority than in the past, but nevertheless just a minority that is dwarfed by a majority that doesn't give a fuck, or doesn't care as much as they should anyway.

If the above wasn't true Bush wouldn't have gotten a huge cheer at the inauguration of Trump. In fact, none of these characters - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc would be able to show their faces anywhere anymore. As it is they still are praised as "great Americans" and the public - or much of it, is still eating it up. There would be mass demonstrations against the war of terror. But what we see is ever more demonisation of Muslims.

In short, yes - there are still plenty of people that believe the official story of 9/11, and many that don't believe it, but don't draw any conclusions from that.



Thank you  Kat. x

I also believe that, not all those that take the pee out of us CT  believe the official story   but like the "kings new clothes"  they wont speak up for fear of ridicule.

I just find the whole thing a shock to the system, when you surround yourself  with the like minded  you feel that the awakening is gaining good ground  then go to digital spy and see its still 2002 and not moved on from there.   I have been on that forum   since 2004  same username different account that I asked to be made inactive.  On that 1st account to my shame you will see me also talking  like these people on a few threads. I did know that something was not right.  but it never went further than  me thinking Bush was using it to start a war with Iraq.  Every time he said 911 he would put in Iraq , every time he said about Iraq he would put in 911  sort of planting the idea that Iraq was something to do with 911    but that is as far as my CT went.
   Now I didn't just research into it and came to the conclusion it was not as I was told..  One day I woke up and knew it was a lie, all of it.   same with many things. I just knew it, I cannot prove it, as I have no idea how to research,  I just know it. But that isnt good enough.. Argh to be given this knowledge but not be able to explain  how its all done  is awful   
I try to research  but just see walls of text and my brain switches off. 
There were two videos I have seen that made me go yes!!  one was American police and for fighters  who were saying  nothing added up.. also British firefighters  passing round a petition  and a video saying how they want more safety measures put into place   now we know that steel buildings can and do collapse . Their bosses practically poo pooed the very idea  of that.

Cannot find those videos  Grr



You can't bully people into waking up Kizzie. No matter how strong your arguments are, many just literally don't WANT to know, and that's why the're shooting at the messenger.


You are here » Summer Is Coming » News, Politics, Conspiracy Theories » Do you know anyone who still believes 911 was as we were told?