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The EGO Has Landed

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Well space cadet's it's all about to come to a head, Mr Trumpet becomes President of the free world, the most powerful man in the world the world will change there will be lot's of talk and lot's of decisiveness in Global machination's. :surprise:

I'll be watching Trumpets twitter feeds as El Presidente, WOW, that should be a hoot.  :playful:

I doubt I'll be listening/watching the whole show, but what I'll be watching is Trumpets mannerism, how he conducts himself and the gist of his reality for the next four years, which will shine through in his body language and vocalizations.

For all the BS that go's with being a Puppet for the NWO, Obama was a good man, a deep thinker who really did care.

China will be watching and definitely taking notice, the Chinese aren't going to take shit from America, they've upset them big time with Taiwan and the One China Policy.  :mad:



Just watched the muppet show: BORING !!!! Yes Rolling Thunder - the Obamas come across as likable people. I can't ignore eight years of war mongering though, no matter how nice they seem to be.



It was pretty lackluster, that's why I was stoned :D

A couple of things he said stood out apart from the usual BS was his reference to God protecting the USA which was in reference to what he previously said about wiping out radical Islam.

Trumpet's speech was lame, when he paused for thunderous applause from the crowd, there was none, it sounded like less than 20 people close to the mike who were clapping and that was about it.

It also effected his ego, with his press sec and him claiming it was the most watch inauguration ever, which was bullshit to the highest degree.

Now his sucking up to the CIA, haha, going to give them so much that the CIA will beg him to stop.



I have been busy and have also not wanted to look at the goings on about that moron fascist Trump. All I know so far is that he is trying not to look like a fat orange blob, and is now a platinum blonde blob. He's got a lot of right wing advisers, men who will help him to screw the world even more.


You are here » Summer Is Coming » News, Politics, Conspiracy Theories » The EGO Has Landed