This record is absolutely absurd, and the laughs it does cause are entirely due to its utter ridiculousness, which I am sure was Miller’s intent. You don’t laugh at a song like “White is Right” simply because its lyrics are explicitly racist, you laugh because the idea of someone delivering such bigoted idiocy atop a banjo-inflected hip-hop beat is hilarious in an abstract, undefinable way. “Pink Season” delivers its comedy through confusion, mocking all sensibilities for derogatory terms and pejoratives.

“Pink Season” is extremely loose in format. Pink Guy delivers one or two minutes of parodic nonsense at a time, resulting in a sonic palate that occasionally resembles rising stars Post Malone and Rich Chigga. Sometimes, he succeeds in replicating the sound, like with the song “Are You Serious,” one of the few songs on this record with any type of replay value.

There are also some genuinely funny joke-song concepts in tracks like “Nickelodeon Girls,” “STFU,” and “Flex Like David Icke.” Those jokes don’t always land, especially since it’s unclear whether he’s mocking the character he is playing or the people who are offended by the character he is playing. My theory is that he is mocking both.